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What are Solar Bonds?
Solar Bonds are fixed income debt securities that are issued by SolarCity, America's largest residential solar company. With Solar Bonds, your earnings come from SolarCity and the monthly solar payments we receive from our more than 285,000 solar customers — families, schools, and businesses who have made the switch to solar.

What is a CUSIP?
A CUSIP is a unique identification code used to identify a financial security for facilitating the clearing and settlement of bond purchases or trades. Solar Bonds that are available for purchase through a Financial Institution will have a CUSIP assigned to facilitate the bond purchase and settlement process, whereas Solar Bonds purchased directly from SolarCity generally will not have CUSIPs.

What is the Solar Bonds holiday schedule for 2024?
You can place transactions on the Solar Bonds platform on the following observed holidays (or a weekend) and we will generally process your transactions on the next business day.
New Years Day Jan 1st 2024
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Jan 15th 2024
Washington's Birthday Feb 19 2024
Memorial Day May 27th 2024
Juneteenth June 19th 2024
Independence Day July 4th 2024
Labor Day Sept 2nd 2024
Veterans Day Nov 11th 2024
Thanksgiving Nov 28th 2024
Winter Holiday December 25th 2024

Will my Solar Bonds investment change as a result of the Tesla and SolarCity merger?
On November 17, 2016, the shareholders of SolarCity Corporation and Tesla Motors, Inc. voted to approve the acquisition of SolarCity by Tesla via merger, and on November 21, 2016, the merger was completed. Under the terms of the merger agreement, SolarCity will continue doing business as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tesla. SolarCity will continue to be responsible for making all interest and principal payments on the Solar Bonds. Your Solar Bonds will remain outstanding until their scheduled maturity date, and interest payments and communications regarding your Solar Bonds will continue to be available at

What if I have more questions, who can I contact?
You may find answers to many Frequently Asked Questions in this Support section of our Solar Bonds website. You may also contact us via email at

How do I add a bank account?
You may add a bank account with the following steps:
1. Log into the Solar Bonds website by entering your credentials on our Log In page
2. Click on Transfer Funds in the navigation bar on the top of the homepage screen
3. Click on View/Add Bank Account, and you will now see any bank accounts that are already linked. To add a new bank account, click Add Account, input account information, and click Link Account.

The new bank account should now be ready for transfers.

How do I withdraw money?
You may electronically transfer money from your Solar Bonds investment account to a linked bank account with the following steps: 1. Log into the Solar Bonds website by entering your credentials on our Log In page 2. Click on Transfer Funds in the navigation bar at the top of the homepage screen 3. Click on Bank Transfer. Select "Withdrawal from Solar Bonds Account" in the Action drop down box, choose the bank account for the deposit, and enter the amount of the withdrawal

Will the cash in my Solar Bonds account earn interest?
Cash held in your Solar Bonds investment account does not earn interest. You must invest in Solar Bonds to begin earning interest.

How are Solar Bonds regulated?
Solar Bonds are registered securities issued by SolarCity. The sale of our Solar Bonds is regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and by federal and state securities laws.

Is my investment safe? Is it guaranteed?
As with any investment, purchasing Solar Bonds involves risk. Investors should review the prospectus materials which contain important information concerning the terms and risks of investing in Solar Bonds. You must make your own decision about whether and how much to invest in Solar Bonds. Solar Bonds are not FDIC- insured. Your earnings and principal are not guaranteed.

Are my funds FDIC insured?
SolarCity holds funds on your behalf, but we are not a bank. The funds we hold for you are deposited at Wells Fargo Bank- which is FDIC insured. Therefore, all funds that are held by SolarCity on your behalf are eligible for FDIC passthrough insurance coverage of up to $250,000, subject to FDIC terms and limitations. FDIC pass-through insurance applies only to cash balances in your Solar Bonds account, not to your Solar Bonds portfolio.

Where are your latest reports and SEC filings located?
SolarCity's latest public reports and Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) filings are available on the Tesla website at as well as through the SEC at

How do I change the address in my Solar Bonds account?
Please email us at with your request.

How can I close an investment account?
If you wish to close your Solar Bonds investment account and you have no current investments in Solar Bonds, you must first withdraw any cash in your account, and then send us an email at requesting us to close your account. If you have current investments in Solar Bonds, your account will need to remain open to receive any remaining bond payments due to you, as well as tax returns and other legal notices.

How do I reset my password?
To reset your password, click on the Log In button at the top of the Solar Bonds homepage, then click on the Reset Password link. You will be prompted to enter the email address you used to register your account, and password reset instructions will be sent to you at that email address.

Where do I find my statements?
If you have a Solar Bonds investment account with SolarCity, statements will be available through your online account. You will receive an e-mail notification to the address provided when new statements become available. If you have invested through a Financial Institution, SolarCity will not be providing statements for your investments; instead, you should contact your Financial Institution for statements pertaining to your Solar Bond investments.

Are earnings on Solar Bonds taxable?
Interest on the bonds is generally taxable. You should consult with your tax advisor if you have questions regarding taxation or how to report the tax information on your tax return.

What forms and statements will SolarCity provide for tax preparation purposes?
If you have a Solar Bonds investment account with SolarCity, we may provide monthly, quarterly, or annual statements containing account information such as cash balances, investment balances, and interest /principal payments. SolarCity will provide annual tax information after year end (Form 1099-INT). These statements will be accessible from your online account center. If you have invested in Solar Bonds through a Financial Institution, you should contact your Financial Institution for statements and tax forms.

What if I need to change the information shown on my tax statement? If you need to correct information on your tax statement, please email us at Typically your corrected tax statement will be available online through your account in approximately 5 business days. We will send you an email when your tax statement has been reissued.

When will tax forms be available and how will they be delivered (i.e. by email, United States Postal Service, other)?
If you have a Solar Bonds investment account with SolarCity, tax form will be made available through your online account center after year end, before February 2 of each following year. If you have invested in Solar Bonds through a Financial Institution, you should contact your Financial Institution for statement availability and delivery methods.