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SolarCity’s previously self-funded foundation now accepting public donations, expects to light an additional 1,000 schools by the end of 2015… Read More

Transaction sparks relationship between social enterprise and clean energy leaders… Read More

The Solar Boom

MSNBC's All in with Chris Hayes | July 10, 2015

For decades, solar power was so expensive, few could afford it. That's now changing.… Read More

SolarCity incorporates new Tesla battery to create turnkey residential solar battery backup system – system cost reductions are over 60% lower than previous product; cost breakthrough also results in greater savings for business and government customers… Read More

Gives individuals across the U.S. access to clean energy investments previously reserved for large financial institutions and corporations… Read More

Web-based platform to allow individuals and institutions of all sizes to invest in portfolios of solar assets previously only available to large institutions… Read More

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